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Welcome to the Artemis restaurant

The Nasios family welcomes you warmly!

who we are

We have been running the Artemis restaurant in Oftersheim together as a family for over 20 years and we are grateful for our numerous loyal guests, who have been inspired by our cuisine during this time.

All dishes are freshly prepared for you à la minute. We always guarantee you the best quality of all ingredients. Let us pamper you and spend a few pleasant hours in our house.

“Consistently good quality and very tasty. We've enjoyed going there for years."
"The menu is extensive and we all enjoyed the food.
The staff and the atmosphere is also very satisfactory.
The preparation of the meal took only a very short time, even with a large number of visitors. The salad came almost immediately after ordering. This was just empty, the very delicious food was already on the table.
Clear recommendation!"
"I come here when I want to eat lamb. I think they do it very well.
In addition: very friendly and attentive service and last but not least: fair prices."

Come and feel the special atmosphere and friendliness in our house. Hospitality is more than just a word for us!



Artemis GmbH


Phone: 06202 59 2000

Nasios family

Hockenheimer Strasse 19

68723 Oftersheim

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